Easy Paypal Buttons

EzPPb Icon FullIntroducing Easy Paypal Buttons, a Joomla component that allows easy creation and deployment of Paypal Buttons. No longer do you have to create the buttons via Paypal's button generator where you have to manually copy over and manage the HTML. Just create the button via Easy Paypal Buttons, insert the button into an article, and Easy Paypal Buttons will keep the button up to date!

Easy Paypal Buttons is both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x compatible!

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Please read the Refund Policy prior to purchasing.

A subscription gives you 6 months worth of upgrades and support.  There are no restrictions on the extension as it will continue to work even after the subscription expires.  You can install it on as many sites as you want. 

Core Features:

  • Bootstrapped backend and frontend (including buttons)
  • Manage the buttons with the Easy Paypal Buttons component
  • Use the Easy Paypal Button content plugin to easily include any button into an article. Use the tag paypalbutton=$id inside curly brackets ({}) to insert the desired button. $id can be the id or alias of the button (if using the alias, be sure each button alias is unique)
  • Easily insert the buttons into articles using the Paypal Button editor button
  • Use the Easy PayPal Module to insert a Paypal Button anywhere!
  • Categories feature to categorize buttons to make them easier to search
  • Track Button purchases using the built in Instant Payment Notification feature!
  • Want a simple, built in cart feature?  Use EzPPb's!
  • Track stock counts for buy now, shopping cart, or subscription buttons
  • Create and apply advanced discounts to buy now or shopping cart buttons - supports coupon codes
  • Create and apply advanced shipping fee profiles to buy now or shopping cart buttons
  • Supports Buy Now, Shopping Cart, View Cart, Donate, Gift Certificate, Subscription, and Unsubscribe buttons!
  • Create buttons in different languages
  • Live Update support
  • ACL support
  • Advanced feature: buttons' HTML can now be customized using a template override in the ADMINISTRATOR template.
  • Require a user to be logged in to checkout or allow all guests
  • Automatically send an invoice to the buyer after payment is made
  • Support for payment authorization and capture
  • Archive buttons and/or categories

Button Features:

  • Encrypted buttons - prevent HTML tampering!ustom IPN script)
  • Placeholder support such as Joomla Username and ID for various button parameters
  • Set minimum and maximum settings for custom amount fields
  • Autodetermine a button's language and the PayPal locale based on the language a user is set to use in Joomla
  • Override set parameters using the new advanced override feature
  • Option to apply tax to S&H
  • Support for many, many PayPal locales
  • Option to disable a button upon a successful payment
  • Add multiple custom fields per button including dropdowns, radio groups, date picker and textboxes
  • Assign surcharges to options within the extra drop down menus.  Each selection will cumulatively add the surcharge to the amount to be charged
  • Reorder dropdown options and custom fields by dragging and dropping
  • Option to charge handling fee based on rate
  • Option to request an address before submitting to PayPal
  • Set min/max quantities for buy now and shopping cart buttons

Discounts/Shipping Features:

  • Advanced Discounts: apply discounts for various scenarios across buttons! Use discounts in combination with others.  Assign discounts to button-wide or to specific options.
  • Option to apply an advanced discount once or per item
  • Option to apply discounts/shipping fees to the quantities in a set range (for example, discount quantities 1-49 by $1 and 51+ by $2)
  • Create advanced shipping fee profiles!
  • Charge/subtract surcharges based on buyer country, city, or zip
  • Carbon copy or blind carbon copy email addresses on post payment emails
  • Send a post payment email to a custom "To" address (defaults to the PayPal user)

Stock Tracking Feature:

  • Track stock per button!
  • Track stock per custom option
  • Option to receive an email when stock is empty and/or oversold (possible due to the disconnect between PayPal and EzPPb once the user goes to PayPal's site.  This is partially remedied by tracking sessions but it is still possible to over sell something).

Sales History Features:

  • Track payment history
  • Print packing slips and invoices from payment history
  • Export history as a CSV file

Post Payment Features:

  • Automatically send out emails (with attachments) upon payment completion!
  • Send automatic emails upon payment confirmation (requires the components payment tracking feature be enabled) with download links to files (not accessible via the web) or attach the files directly
  • Use download links in emails sent upon payment completion!  The links are specific to the transaction and thus you do not need to make the file available to the public web.  Set an optional download limit in order to restrict the number of downloads per transaction.
  • Support x number of post payment files (no longer bound to just three)
  • Option to manually send/resend post-payment emails via a link in the transaction details
  • Feature to assign files to dropdown options so that a different post payment file is sent based on what the user chose
  • Ability to reset the count for the number of times a file has been downloaded via a link in the transaction details
  • Feature to allow users to upload a defined number of files to a specified location upon a successful payment

Cart Features:

  • Basic built-in cart!
  • Checkout without leaving your site using PayPal Pro
  • Option to set a minimum/maxiumum number of items, dollar amount, or weight for the built in cart
  • Basic cart module to display cart contents anywhere

 Simple Frontend Store:

  • Display a simple store layout of your buttons by category


A one-time paid subscription gives you free upgrades and support for 6 months.

Click here to purchase a 6 month subscription today!

Please read the Refund Policy prior to purchasing.


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