Refund Policy

It is my goal for you to be satisfied with HBD products. That is why I try to give an accurate description of the products I sell. I am also making myself available by  support tickets to resolve issues and answer questions as quickly as possible. But due to the nature of this software (open source), I cannot offer a refund for a product once it has been downloaded. That would be like purchasing Microsoft Office from a computer store, opening the package, installing it on your computer, then trying to return it to the store. You cannot return Microsoft Office after it has been opened even if it does have bugs in the software itself. Downloadable software is considered "opened" after it has been downloaded as there is no turning back.

Just to be absolutely up front, all sales are final and no refunds will be given. As all of the products are digital software issued under the GPL license, it is impossible for you to return the product once downloaded in exchange for a refund.

I appreciate your understanding in this.  If you have questions about the product prior to purchasing, please feel free to contact me either via the forum or the contact form.

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