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Forum COPPA issues

If you registered for the site and logged into the forums, you will find that you are a COPPA user thus having to get a "parent's" permission to do anything other than post.  This is because I'm using a revolutionary Joomla component called jFusion to auto create the user in vBulletin after it is created in Joomla.  They currently have a bug that does not set the COPPA status of the vBulletin user when it is created.  They are working on fixing this and will hopefully have a new release soon.  But until then, I'm manually changing the COPPA status of the users.

Please be patient since I can't be up all hours of the night waiting for users so I can change their COPPA status.  But I will get to it within 24 hours of you registering.  :-)


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Login form hidden in IE

I happen to notice that the css for the login form (in the upper right hand of this site) was not rendering correctly in IE6.  I have enabled a temporary login form to the left until I get the other fixed.  (I'll be glad when IE6 is no more ;-)

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How to register for the forum

There has been some confusion as to how to register to the forum mainly because of my neglect to change the register links in vBulletin to Joomla's registration component. I have gone through vBulletin and corrected all register links I could find.  If you run across one that takes you to register.php, please contact me and let me know where it is at and I'll get it fixed.

To register for the forum, register to this site via Joomla.

Sorry for the confusion!

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Demo site updated

I realized that the demo site had some files that did not get updated to the latest version thus acted a little quirky.  If you've recently tested out the demo and found it be messed up, try it now.

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