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Purged user accounts

I did some purging of user accounts because there were a lot of bogus registrations.  All unactivated accounts were deleted.  Please re-register if your account was deleted.  Make sure you activate your account by clicking on the link in the email sent to you post registration.



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How should phpScheduleEm be versioned?

Now that I have 1.0 released, I have to decide on how to version new releases.  When should I increment a little? When should I increment a lot?  Should I base the version on the revision number in my SVN repository?  How many decimals should I have?

What do you guys think?  Post comments below.

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phpScheduleEm 1.0 stable has been released!

I've released the first stable version of phpScheduleEm.  I've done a lot of testing and have squashed all the bugs I've found but I'm sure there are still some hiding in the code.  If you find any, please report them!

I'm going to start working on documentation on how to setup and use phpScheduleEm.  Once complete, I'll begin developing new features!

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Fixed the forum COPPA issue

Well, I fixed the COPPA issue.  Should have taken a look at the code before I posted that previous post.  Oh well.

All users are no loger COPPA users.  Any new users should now be set as a non-COPPA user by default.

If none of this COPPA business makes any sense to you, then just ignore it :-)

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