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Multi-Location Shipping Module for VirtueMart 1.1.x

I've developed a shipping module that supports shipping from multiple locations based on vendor or top parent category.

The module is a shipping module that basically controls all the others. It sorts the shopping cart by either vendor or top parent category, sends each sorted cart to the selected shipping modules for shipping options and then presents the options by vendor/category to the customer. The customer chooses the shipping options per location and pays the total.

Read more about it and download it fromhere!

Use the forum if you have any questions or issues!


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New Site Design!

Welcome to the new look for HartlessByDesign. Let me know what you think!.  The template is PraiseFolio from Joomla Praise and my wife did my new logo so I'm kind of partial to it :-).

I've changed some things around so some of the links may be broken.  I'll update them as soon as I can but I didn't want to leave the site down any longer. Also, I know there are a few glitches here and there which I'll be addressing as well.

Edit 2/13/2010: Changed to using Joomla Praise's PraiseUniversity template.  Less brown ;-)

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New versions of phpScheduleEm

I've updated version 1.1 to fix some IE CSS issues (I was so excited to jump into JFusion that I didn't test phpScheduleEm in IE before releasing).

I've also released 2.0 alpha.  This includes some code optimizations to help speed up the process, some bug fixes, and some extra features.  Read this post for a changelog.   Again, it is in an alpha phase so please only use it for testing purposes (which I would GREATLY appreciate).  The main feature yet to be incorporated before the 2.0 release is a requests module (to allow users to make requests regarding their schedule). Please report bugs in the bug tracker.  Also feel free to post comments or questions in the forums.



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