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Easy Paypal Buttons Updated to 2.0!

I'm excited to release Easy PayPal Buttons 2.0, a major release that adds more options, encrypted buttons, live updates, and an Instant Payment Notification history log feature!  You can now prevent tampering with HTML by using encrypted buttons.  For those who do not want to fool with encrypted buttons, I've used AJAX to make submit the form in order to make it a bit more difficult to tamper with HTML (not fool proof).  

The next big feature added is the IPN log feature.  EPP can now accept Instant Payment Notifications from PayPal and log them for you!  It notes what buttons were used to make the purchase.  Export your payment history as a csv file.

Want to upgrade?  No problem with 2.0 and beyond.  It'll let you know when an upgrade is available and all you have to do is click and you're updated!  

Along with those major features, a few minor features have been added including many more options (EPP now supports almost every PayPal option available) and bug fixes.

Get your subscription here for only $15! 

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Easy Paypal Buttons Updated to 1.2

I'm pleased to announce the release of Easy Paypal Buttons 1.2!  This release adds the functionality for generating Paypal buttons in other languages!  It also adds Mexico to the list of Paypal locales in order to be able to utilize Paypal's Mexico site.

Get your subscription here

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Easy Paypal Buttons Updated to 1.1.1

An issue was found in Easy Paypal Buttons where the number displayed in a price/option dropdown was incorrect due to a comma being inserted into the price (for example 1,125.00 displaying as $1.00). This has now been fixed. If you have this issue, please upgrade to 1.1.1 then open the button in question, remove the comma from any price, then resave.

Also, I added some currency formatting options to the component's parameters to allow customization of how money is displayed.

If you do not have a subscription, get one here!

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Easy Paypal Buttons Updated to 1.1

Easy Paypal Buttons 1.1 is now available with many new features!

  1. Several more buttons are now supported included View Cart, Subscriptions, and Gift Certificates.
  2. Finding buttons is easier with the new filtering options.
  3. Test your buttons out by enabling Test mode to use Paypal's sandbox.
  4. Allow users to enter a custom amount.

See demos of some of the buttons here!

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Introducing Easy Paypal Buttons

Introducing Easy Paypal Buttons, a Joomla component that allows easy creation and deployment of Paypal Buttons. No longer do you have to create the buttons via Paypal's button generator where you have to manually copy over and manage the HTML. Just create the button via Easy Paypal Buttons, insert the button into an article, and Easy Paypal Buttons will keep the button up to date!

Easy Paypal Buttons is both Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 compatible!

(Click images to enlarge)

Manage the buttons with the Easy Paypal Buttons component:

{highslide}epp/epp_list.png&captionText:'Button list'{/highslide}

{highslide}epp/epp_form.png&captionText:'New button form'{/highslide}

{highslide}epp/epp_form2.png&captionText:'New button form'{/highslide}

Use the Easy Paypal Button content plugin to easily include any button into an article. Use the tag paypalbutton=$id inside brackets ({}) to insert the desired button. $id can be the id or alias of the button (if using the alias, be sure each button alias is unique).

Easily insert the buttons into articles using the Paypal Button editor button:

{highslide}epp/epp_insertbutton.png&captionText:'Editor button'{/highslide}

Use the Easy PayPal Module to insert a Paypal Button anywhere!

{highslide}epp/epp_module.png&captionText:'Easy Paypal Buttons module'{/highslide}

Now supports Buy Now, Shopping Cart, View Cart, Donate, Gift Certificate, Subscription, and Unsubscribe buttons!

View demos of some of the buttons here.

$15 subscription gives free upgrades and support for 3 months.

NOTE: In order to prevent Joomla's Email Cloaking content plugin from rewriting the Paypal payment email, the Content - Easy Paypal Buttons plugin must be ordered AFTER the Content - Email Cloaking plugin.

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