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Easy PayPal Buttons 3.1.5 Released!

Easy PayPal Buttons 3.1.5 is now available for download.  

Note, if you have 3.1.0 installed and use the payment tracking feature, then you must upgrade!  There was an issue where the payments were not getting recorded with that version!

Check out the details and get your subscription from here!

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New site based on Joomla 2.5!

After MANY, MANY, MANY hours of migrating data, migrating components, debugging, fixing issues, CSS and template modifications, etc, the site is FINALLY 2.5.  I've tried my best to iron out kinks but if you have any issues with anything, please let me know!



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Live Update Download IDs

It looks like a recent upgrade of Akeeba Release System has changed the way the download IDs are generated.  If you have trouble using live update from within Easy PayPal Buttons, you may need to update your download ID in Easy PayPal Buttons parameters/options.  To get the download ID again, login here then go to My Subscriptions.  

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