HartlessByDesign Rebranded

Although I have enjoyed the play on words, I've decided its probably time to change the name the company does business under to something more "appealing."  I will keep the company name as HartlessByDesign, LLC but will now be doing business as DevKardia. 

DevKardia stems comes from a couple things. First, I'm not really a designer.  You show me what you want and I can usually make it happen.  But designing graphics and sites from scratch is unfortunately something I was not blessed with.  So I'm moving away from "design" to more of what I do best: "develop." Even though I'm named Hartless, those that know me can attest that I'm not heartless at all and thus find it very ironic that I'm named such.  I still want a little play on words for that reason and thus wanted to still go with something regarding the "heart."  Kardia is ancient Greek for "heart" but it means so much more.  It seems to also refer to the mental, physical, and spiritual states of individuals; their understanding and intelligence; their passions, desires and purposes; and their will and character. My desire for the company is to show heart, soul, understanding, knowledge and purpose.  Thus, the name DevKardia has come to be.

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