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Easy PayPal Buttons 5.1.0 Released!

Its been a long time in coming but its here!  Easy PayPal Buttons 5.1.0 brings many bug fixes and adds some new features.  It also brings Joomla! 3.1 compatibility!

Note: version 5.0.0 has an issue where you may not be able to use the auto update feature without getting a fatal error.  If this is the case for you, please download directly from the website and reinstall.  You will then be able to use the auto update feature from now on.



New features

  • Added a catch to make relative URLs sent to PayPal absolute
  • Added caching options to modules.
  • Added native support for sh404sef.
  • Added number of cycles to price/option for subscriptions
  • Added search to FE store.
  • Added support to submit subscriptions through PayPal pro.
  • Custom weight per price/option
  • List view for frontend store
  • Stock per price/option

Miscellaneous changes

  • Added a function to convert encoding to UTF8 if PayPal returns it as something else
  • Added back adminlist class to tables for J2.5 compatibility
  • Added timeout before resubmit button shows (to give time to redirect to paypal)
  • Changed the plugin to only load resources if its being used.
  • Improved SEF for the store.
  • Media file rearrangement for best practices.
  • Moved upload file into its own view.
  • Prevent PHP caching when upgrading via ajax.
  • Removed "PayPal" from submitting to cart message
  • Removed duplicate loading of css file.
  • Replaced JRequest with ezHelper class that utilizes JInput.

Bug fixes

  • Added missing file for store front filter to versioning.
  • Ensured that cart continue shopping url had a value.
  • Fix for z-index conflict with bootstrap modals and templates
  • Fixed JS issue that prevented saving of discount/shipping ranges with +
  • Fixed a cURL ssl issue that caused the IPN to not work
  • Fixed a stock issue where stock 0'ed out in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where addon inputs extended beyond container dev in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue where cart maximum was interpreted as cart minimum.
  • Fixed an issue where preg_replace's auto addslashes messed up button pre-text and post-text Fixed preview issues with relative images and placeholders
  • Fixed an issue where the CSV file's data was off from the headers.
  • Fixed an issue with images in previews
  • Fixed base dir issue from IPN script where it was moved.
  • Fixed html5 issue where buttons submitted the forms.
  • Fixed issue where a button was not displayed if it was not associated with a category.
  • Fixed issue where csv export was corrupted.
  • Fixed issue where one could still checkout if min/max wasn't matched
  • Fixed issue where overrides and article info were not utilized
  • Fixed issue where submitting a button from the backend preview failed
  • Fixed issue where the donation amount did not show if using a custom box
  • Fixed issue where the price/option currency wasn't passed to PayPal
  • Fixed issue with button type update and donation min/max boxes not getting reenabled
  • Fixed issue with input helper class where set didn't populate specific methods.
  • Fixed issue with mail attachments and cc and bcc post payment email addresses
  • Fixed issue with pddo currency not being used in button
  • Fixed issue with stock not being correctly deducted for carts with more than one item and fixed lang string issue for over sold email.
  • Fixed issues where submitting the form in a new window does not work. Also made it to where the cart requires a login if any button does.
  • Fixed issues with J3.1 where the version check only supported 3.0
  • Fixed issues with one time payment for subscription price/option
  • Fixed issues with ranges not validating correcting, not being able to delete a discount, and an issue where saving a new discount took the user to blank form.
  • Fixed query error preventing successful upgrade.
  • Fixed some file issues.
  • Fixed some php error issues with categories
  • Fixed state population issue when using a input box rather than select
  • Fixed toolbar issue for J3.1.
  • Fixes stock options not showing if changing a button type from a type that does not support it
  • Forgot to add sef_ext to manifest file

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