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Easy PayPal Buttons 4.0.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of EzPPb 4.0.1.  This is mainly a maintenance release with a nubmer of bug fixes.  But it also includes some optimizations to subscriptions including the option to set the out of stock messages.

Users of the PayPal Pro checkout feature are HIGHLY encouraged to upgrade due to the user's CC details being inadventantly saved to the database in version 4.0.0!

Change log:

  • Added customizable out of stock options.
  • Added stock tracking for subscriptions.
  • Added better subscription tracking support.
  • Optimized IPN log (now stored in Joomla's log directory)
  • Fixed missing link to add another drop down option
  • Fixed an issue where discounts did not save the ranges correctly
  • Prevented a redirect loop for orders view (PayPal pro) if SEF enabled
  • Fixed a JS issue for discounts
  • Fixed an issue where a button's weight unit of measure would default back to kilograms when editing.
  • Fixed an issue with saving the shipping form due to checking the ranges against the wrong element.
  • Fixed an issue with PayPal pro with discounts resulting in an error response.
  • Fixed some mixing of Mootools in the jQuery JS file.
  • Fixed an issue where a button's amount was overwritten when calculating a discount.
  • Removed CC details from pro details before saving to db
  • Added pro payment notification.
  • Increased cURL timeout for paypal pro as it was timing out with 30 seconds

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