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Help test Easy PayPal Buttons 4.0 and other odds and ends

HBD is excited to introduce Easy PayPal Buttons 4.0 beta!  4.0 introduces a number of new exciting features and a number of bug fixes.  If you have a valid subscription, download it now from here!  Check out the  full list of new features is below.  

When Easy PayPal Buttons was first conceived, it simply generated buttons and only cost $15.  Since then, it has exploded with features making it a robust and feature rich PayPal centered extension.  And there is much more planned!  But because so much blood and sweat (not really but definitely a LOT of time!) has gone into these new features, EzPPb is going slightly up in price from $15 to $25.  We believe that the price increase is reflective of all the new features that are now part of the extension.  However, the price increase will also come with an extension to the subscription time frame as well making it 6 months of support and upgrades rather than just 3.  Subscription renewals will remain at only $15 for an additional 6 months of support and upgrades.   This price increase will not go into affect until 4.0 is released so act now to get 4.0 for only $15!

The 4.0.x series will be the very last version that supports Joomla 1.5.  Starting with version 4.1.x, EzPPb will only support Joomla 2.5+.  4.0.x will continue to be available for those that continue to use Joomla 1.5 however support for the 4.0.x series for Joomla 1.5 will no longer be provided after the end of August. No new features will be implemented for the 4.0.x series after its release.

New Features in 4.0 Beta:

  • Added PayPal Pro support for cart checkout
  • Added support for float numbers when defining ranges for discounts and shipping fees when using the item's amount or weight is used for defining the ranges
  • Added a new feature to specify min/max quantities for buy now and shopping buttons
  • Added support for payment authorization and capture
  • Added support for capturing any transaction type (with the exception subscr_failure) in the IPN history
  • Added support for multiple dropdown boxes, textfields, date pickers, or radio buttons
  • Added support to charge/subtract shipping surcharges based on region
  • Added support for advanced shipping profiles to standalone buttons
  • Added option to restrict access to the history view in backend
  • Added payment status filter to history
  • Now allow a comma or period as a decimal place when entering a button's custom amount via the frontend
  • Now able to define multiple emails for stock notifications
  • Added feature to allow user to upload files upon successful payment
  • Added ability to archive buttons and categories
  • Added basic Joomla SEF support for frontend URLs

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