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Easy PayPal Buttons 3.0.0 Beta 2 released!

I've released the second beta for 3.0.0 with some new features since beta 1 and a bunch of bug fixes!  It is not recommended that you use this on a production site.  But, feel free to test and report bugs so I can get out a stable release ASAP.

New Features/Fixed issues in beta 2:

  • Option to apply discounts/shipping fees to the quantities in a set range (for example, discount quantities 1-49 by $1 and 51+ by $2)
  • Feature to support x number of post payment files (no longer bound to just three)
  • Feature to assign files to dropdown options so that a different post payment file is sent based on what the user chose
  • Fixed issue where 3.0.0 beta1 broke post payment emails
  • Fixed issue where the cart module did not display correct prices when advanced discounts were used
  • Improved performance of the cart
  • Fixed an issue where advanced shipping scenarios did not work correctly as it used discount IDs in some instances
  • Fixed the issue where the amount displayed in a button was not correct for some scenarios such as advanced overrides in the content plugin, advanced discounts (amount is now correctly determined), etc
  • Fixed a fatal error caused by a button using an advance discount or shipping scenario that was unpublished
  • Fixed an issue with advanced shipping scenarios when using weights where the weight was miscalculated
  • Removed the cart-wide shipping option as it is not supported by PayPal
  • Fixed an issue with the IPN script where the button ids were not found correctly due to bad code with finding the session id for stock tracking
  • Fixed an issue where the text box values were not transferred to PayPal when using the built in cart
  • Set the details for transactions in the history view to display more clearly options users chose/filled in
  • Removed discount and history buttons from toolbar as they are not needed with the submenu
  • Fixed an issue caused by checking stock against buttons that did not have stock tracking enabled

New Features Added in beta 1:

  • Option to apply tax to S&H
  • Option to apply an advanced discount once or per item
  • EU/UK terminology for tax and S&H when using the a EU locale
  • Option to set a minimum number of items and/or dollar amount for the built in cart
  • Option to disable a button upon a successful payment
  • Create advanced shipping scenarios!
  • Many, many new PayPal locales
  • Now add multiple text boxes per button
  • Now track stock per button!
  • Option to receive an email when stock is empty and/or oversold (possible due to the disconnect between PayPal and EPP once the user goes to PayPal's site.  This is partially remedied by tracking sessions but it is still possible to over sell something).
  • Option to manually send/resend post-payment emails
  • Option to convert dropdowns to radio buttons
  • New basic cart module
  • Now uses tabs in the button's form for easier navigation and visibility
  • Number of bug fixes (many may have been added though)

If you have an active subscription, login then you can download the beta from here.  If you do not have a subscription, why not get one?  Its only a one time price of $15 which gives your three months of free upgrades and support.  Read more about it here.


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