Chapter 11. Using the Built-In Cart

Beginning with version 2.1, EzPPb comes with a basic built in cart feature. You have the option of either using a cart displayed directly in Joomla or using PayPal's checkout page cart. In order to utilize this feature, you must do two things. First, create a Shopping Cart button that posts to the built-in cart and secondly, create an EzPPb Cart menu item.


You must create an EzPPb Cart menu item for the cart to work properly. It does not have to be visible to the user (although it must be accessible)

Setting a Shopping Cart Button to Post to the Built-in Cart

When creating a button, choose either Shopping Cart or View Cart from the button type list. To have a Shopping Cart button that posts to EzPPb's cart, find the option “Send this item to.” and choose “Built-in Cart.” When a user clicks on the PayPal button, the item will be added to the user's EzPPb cart. Once the user has finished shopping, he/she can then continue to checkout via PayPal's checkout page.