Chapter 7. Post Payment File Upload Feature

EzPPb now has a feature to allow a user to upload a set number of files post a successful payment!

To enable this feature, you will need to have the component's Payment Tracking and Post Payment Emails enabled via the component's Options (J2.5) or Parameters (J1.5) in addition to enabling Post Payment File Uploads.

Once enabled, specific file upload options will appear under the Post Payment tab in the button add/edit view. There you'll be able to specify where the file will be uploaded to (be sure to use the FULL, ABSOLUTE FILE path (not web URL). You can also specify what extensions are allowed (separated by bars ( | ), the number of files the user is allowed to upload, and email(s) where notification will be sent once a file is uploaded.

You'll need to setup the email options as well as it will be used to give the user instructions on how to upload the files. You can make the email say whatever you want but you need to make sure that the placeholder {file_upload_link} is somewhere in the body as it will be replaced with a unique URL to the transaction where the user will be able to upload the files.

Statistics can be viewed via the transaction details under the History view in the backend. You will also find the option to reset file upload limits there, allowing a customer to resubmit files or upload additional ones.