Chapter 5. Instant Payment Notification Feature

Preparing for this Feature

EzPPb comes with a built in Instant Payment Notification feature that can be used to log all payments that come from a button created by EzPPb. To enable this feature, go to the component's Parameters (Joomla 1.5) or Options (2.5) and select Yes for “Enable Component's Payment Tracking.” After it is enabled, refresh the page and the History button will appear in the component's toolbar.

You will then need to enable IPN in your PayPal profile. See for instructions on how to do this.

For the Notification URL, you can either use your own script or use the following if you are solely using EzPPb.

This URL can be overridden in the button's parameters if you need to have certain buttons use different IPN scripts.

A basic log is kept for IPN errors in components/administrator/com_easypaypalbuttons/assets/php/ipn.log. Consult this file if something does not seem to be working correctly with EzPPbs IPN feature.