Subscription Buttons


Subscription buttons allow a set amount to be charged repeatedly at set intervals. You must have a business or premier PayPal account to use these (both are free upgrades through PayPal).

Subscription name - Name/description for the subscription

Subscription ID (optional) - SKU for this subscription

Invoice number prefix (optional) - Sets a prefix to the invoice number. Since the invoice number cannot be reused between subscriptions, EzPPb appends |uniquestring to the invoice number. This will be displayed to users with the subscription details.

Billing amount each cycle - Set the amount to charge per each defined cycle (with the exception of the trial periods). You can choose to allow users to set a custom amount along with restricting their input with the minimum and/or maximum fields.

Billing cycle - Define the interval for each cycle. For example, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, etc.

Auto renew subscription - If set to yes, the subscription will be auto billed for the set number of billing cycles

After how many cycles should billing stop? - Applicable if Auto renew subscription is set to yes. Define how many cycles should occure before the subscription is completed and thus no longer billed.

Offer a trial period - You can offer a trial period to charge something different and for a different inteval than what was defined above. For example, you can charge $10 for the first month by setting a trial period then charge $25 per month for each subsequent month as defined above.

Offer a second trial period - same as the trial period above but will be used after the first trial ends. So you could charge $10 the first month by defining the first trial, $25 the second month by defining a second trial, then $45 for each subsequent months with the defined amount/cycles above.

Modification Behavior - Allow subscribers to... - determines if a user can edit their subscriptions through PayPal.