Gift Certificate Buttons


Gift certificate buttons generate a PayPal gift certificate that can then be used through PayPal to pay for something through your site. They cannot be used for the built-in cart. You must have a business or premier PayPal account to use these (both are free upgrades through PayPal).

URL where recipients can ship and/or redeem this gift certificate - Type in the absolute URL where user's will be able to use this certificate.

URL for logo image - An absolute URL to an image to be displayed as the logo on PayPal's site. It is recommended the image be accessible via a secure connection (https) to prevent browser insecure messages when the user visit's PayPal's page.

Currency - Choose the currency for the gift certificate

Gift certificate amount - You can choose to use a preset list that PayPal determines and displays on their site or you can set a fixed amount

Minimum and maximum denominations - restricts the mimimum and/or maximum amount a user can use for the gift certificate

Background type - Choose a solid color or background theme for PayPal's checkout page