General Tab

Button Name - A short name to identify this button.

Button Alias - Mainly used when using the content plugin's placeholder {paypalbutton=xyz}. You can use the button's ID or alias as xyz. Remember that the alias must be distinct between buttons for it to be usuable.

Category - Choose a category for the button. Allows easy filtering.

Merchant ID - Can either be the PayPal account email or merchant ID. If you are encrypting buttons, then this must be the email address.

Published - Enable or disable the button.

Require user to be logged in to checkout - if set to yes and the user is not logged in, the user will be redirected to the login form prior to being able to checkout

Disable upon payment notification - If set to yes, the button will be automatically disabled, once the button has been used and payment has been recorded (thus this feature requires that the Payment Tracking feature be enabled in the components options)

Button pretext and posttext - will display before or after the button. You can use basic HTML here.

Open window in - Should PayPal's window or the cart be opened in a separate window or the same window? Note that if it is set to open in a new window, some browser's popup blockers may prevent the window from opening.