Payment Tracking

Enable Component's Payment Tracking - This enables EzPPb's built in Instant Payment Notification feature. See Instant Payment Notification Feature for more information.

Enable Post Payment Emails - This enables EzPPb's feature to send emails with optional attachments upon a successful payment. It requires that EzPPb's payment tracking feature be enabled due to the need to monitor payments. See Post Payment Email Feature for more information.

Stock Notification Email - Shopping cart buttons has the option to be able to track stock (must have Payment Tracking enabled for this feature). If an email is added here, notifications will be sent if an item is out of stock or possibly oversold (overselling of an item can happen if PayPal delays in notifying EzPPb about a sale; although this is minimized by EzPPb tracking sessions, it is still a risk by nature of PayPal's IPN system).

Packing Slip & Invoice Header/Footer - There are packing slip and invoice links available when viewing the details of a payment under the history tab. These two fields allow you to add information such as the business name and address to the header or footer.