Easy PayPal Buttons User's Guide

Alan Hartless

HartlessByDesign, LLC

April 2012

Revision History
Revision 3.1.5April 2012
Revision 4.0.0Sept 2012


This book covers the use of Easy PayPal Buttons (EzPPb). Please review this prior to submitting a support request via the forum or ticket system as many of the answers to your questions are here.

Table of Contents

I. User's Guide
1. Introduction
Introducing Easy PayPal Buttons
2. Installation
3. Configuration
General Parameters
Payment Tracking
Checkout Page
4. Managing Buttons
Field Descriptions
General Tab
Buy Now and Shopping Cart Buttons
View Cart Buttons
Donation Buttons
Gift Certificate Buttons
Subscription Buttons
Unsubscribe Buttons
Stock Tab
Checkout Page Tab
Post Payment Tab
Button Customization
Custom Fields Tab
5. Instant Payment Notification Feature
Preparing for this Feature
Viewing Payment Records
Exporting Payment Records
6. Post Payment Email Feature
Process via a cron job
Process via IPN script
Using Placeholders in the Email
Handling Files
7. Post Payment File Upload Feature
8. Encrypting Buttons
Generating Your Private Key and Public Certificate
Configureing EzPPb for Encrypted Buttons
9. Adding Buttons to the Frontend
Content Plugin
Advanced Overrides
10. Shipping Features
Standard Shipping Fields
Using Advanced Shipping Scenarios
Regional Surcharges
11. Using the Built-In Cart
Setting a Shopping Cart Button to Post to the Built-in Cart
Setting a View Cart Button to View the Shopping Cart
Setting Easy PayPal Cart Parameters – Menu Item
Using Advanced Discounts – Built-in Cart Only
II. Troubleshooting
12. Easy PayPal Buttons
Clicking a button gives an alert stating "A valid quantity is required! A quantity value must be an integer greater than or equal to one" no matter what I do.
I use UTF-8 characters in the button's item name but it is becomes corrupted on PayPal's checkout page (accented characters, Hebrew letters, etc).
I need to use a PayPal variable that EzPPb does not seem to support.

List of Tables

4.1. Placeholders